Photos: Burnley-Moran bids its students goodbye

Burnley-Moran Elementary School hit the streets of Charlottesville to mark the end of the academic year. Faculty, staff and the University of Virginia’s Cav Man greeted students along a route winding its way through the school zone Friday morning.

“Today we’re celebrating all of our students as we start off the summer,” said Assistant Principal Adriane Butler. Of course, it’s been bittersweet because we’ve had a different type of school year.”

The school joined others in having periodic parades after in-person classes were canceled due to the global pandemic, Butler said. A sizable amount of students and families turn out on the route, which includes the Locust Grove, North Downtown, Westhaven, Martha Jefferson and Woolen Mills communities.

“With the COVID-19 we know there’s a lot of stress in our community and we wanted to make sure our families feel supported, she said. We have resources that will help them get through these challenging times.”

In advance of the parade, the school shared resources for parents for talking to their children about race. The school celebration came as global protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis continued.

“We want to make sure we support our entire community,” Butler said. “We know this is a challenging time with the race relations we’re hearing about in our country.”
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