Photos: UVA groups protest re-opening in ‘Die In’ event

A handful of student groups and University of Virginia staff gathered on The Lawn on Wednesday to protest the university’s decision to open for in person classes.

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The even was hosted by UVA Young Democratic Socialists of America, United Campus Workers of Virginia and UVA, Charlottesville DSA, University Democrats and Organization of Young Filipino Americans.

Around 50 participants laid on the ground for 15 minutes, simulating death, before listening to leaders of the various host groups list their demands. The first of the 10 demands asks for: “An immediate reversal of UVA’s decision to convene in-person classes this semester.” They go on to demand a tuition freeze for next year, hazard pay for all in-person workers, and “free, regular COVID-19 testing for students, workers and all Charlottesville community members.
UVA is working with other community groups to provide free testing events in low income neighborhoods in the area.