Example of a 600 sq. foot apartment in Madison WI Credit: Credit: Heather Downs Apartment Homes, Madison, WI

Will small rental apartments of 450 to 600 sq. feet, priced at less than $1,000 per month, be successful in Charlottesville?

The Charlottesville Planning Commission has indicated they like the general direction that developer Oliver Kuttner has in mind for an apartment complex and commercial center at the corner of 2nd Street SE and Garrett Street. The proposed residential units would be between 450 and 600 sq. ft. and rent would be under $1,000 a month. The image at right* is one we found of another project that shows a 600 sq. ft. floor plan.

Charlottesville Planning Commissioner Lisa Green feels the approach is “extremely refreshing”, however a nearby resident felt the small apartments do not “fit into the neighborhood as we see it”.

What are your thoughts.  Do you believe the proposed apartment complex is a good idea?

*Image credit: Heather Downs Apartment Homes, Madison, WI.