AUDIO: Scottsville candidates for Albemarle Supervisor meet at forum

On September 21, 2015 Charlottesville Tomorrow and The Daily Progress co-sponsored a candidate forum for the two candidates seeking election to the Scottsville District seat on the Albemarle Board of Supervisors.

The candidates running for an open seat are Democrat Rick Randolph and Republican Earl Smith.  Three of the six magisterial district seats on the board will be determined in the November 3rd election.

About 40 local residents came to Monticello High School to hear the candidates respond to questions posed by the sponsors, the audience and each other.

Read coverage by The Daily Progress here.


Opening statements

Moderator Question #1

00:12:25 — STORMWATER UTILITY FEE: How should Albemarle County fund water resource programs to clean up local streams and comply with state mandates for protection of the Chesapeake Bay watershed?  [And a follow-up] Would you support creation of a stormwater utility fee, similar to the one enacted by the City of Charlottesville, which is based on the amount of impervious surface on a property? Why or why not?

Moderator Question #2

00:17:33 — USE OF COUNTY-OWNED LAND IN DISTRICT: How would you propose to guide the development of the roughly 50 acres of County-owned land on Mill Creek Drive to ensure the highest and best use as a public amenity? What is your position on the proposed use of a portion of this land for a recycling or household trash convenience center?

Moderator Question #3

00:21:50 — SOMERSET FARM DEVELOPMENT PROPOSAL: What is your position on the previously considered request to add Somerset Farms to the designated growth area?  [Somerset Farms is a proposed mixed use development with almost 2,000 homes and the site is located in the rural area in the Scottsville District on Route 20 South]

Moderator Question #4

00:26:53 — DESIGNATED GROWTH AREAS: Should the board make boundary adjustments for Albemarle County’s designated growth areas to create new locations for business on land that today is in the rural area? Why or why not?

Moderator Question #5

00:32:09 –INVESTMENTS IN COMMUNITY INFRASTRUCTURE: How do we ensure that community infrastructure—roads, sidewalks, fire/rescue facilities, schools, etc.—is in place to support a growing population?  To what degree should this infrastructure be funded by the real estate property tax, developer proffers, a bond referendum or new service districts?

Moderator Question #6

00:37:18 — EDUCATION PRIORITIES: What will your priorities be for public education and how will you work with the school board to provide lifelong learning opportunities for all of our citizens?

Audience Question #1

00:42:45 — How will you help engage citizens to get their thoughts (e.g. holding office hours) and how can you help with voter apathy?

Audience Question #2

00:47:33 — What will you do to support improved Internet and mobile phone service in the rural area?

Audience Question #3

00:52:00 — As a Supervisor, how can you help direct funds specifically to the Monticello High School area to improve mobility and livability?

Audience Question #4

00:56:10 — What capital needs do you see for the Scottsville District?

Audience Question #5

1:00:20 — How do you see the Board of Supervisors furthering the collaborative efforts of the business community that is seeking to grow the Charlottesville area as a recognized technology hub in Virginia?

Audience Question #6

1:04:45 — What do you intend to do to produce low income housing and to alleviate the poverty and disparity of income and wealth among our citizens?

Audience Question #7

1:09:40 — In your opinion, why hasn’t the county paid more attention to the Rivanna River as a recreational, cultural and natural resource?  What actions will you take during your term to reconnect the community with their river?

1:14:12 — Candidates ask each other questions

Closing statements