Seminole Trail becomes Cavalier Way?

The last item of business at today’s meeting of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors was a little idea that drifted over to the Supervisors from the John Paul Jones Arena.  Men’s Basketball Coach Dave Leitao has let it be known that the University of Virginia would like to rename Route 29 from Seminole Trail to Cavalier , fill in the blank.  The Supervisors suggested that it might be because having the Florida State Seminoles traverse a road named in honor of their mascot on the way to Hooville was likely to give them the competitive edge.  Supervisor Dennis Rooker reported that Coach Leitao has said he can recruit UVA students to collect signatures required from 50% of the impacted property owners (think address changes, new checks, new letterhead, new signs, etc.).

Supervisor Sally Thomas suggested that any renaming of Route 29 should consider the Native Americans that actually lived in Charlottesville area, the Monachans.  Any change would have to be approved by the Commonwealth Transportation Board (as Rt. 29 is a primary road) and they would be unlikely to do so without a resolution approved by the Supervisors. No decision was made today. 

If you are interested in sharing your opinion, the Board of Supervisors can be reached at BOS@ and the Men’s Basketball office is available at hah3t@.

Brian Wheeler