Society kicks off week of watershed events

The Rivanna Conservation Society kicked off their “Go X-Stream” Rivanna River Makeover week with a talk about the Chesapeake Bay Program on Thursday. The director of the Chesapeake Bay Program, Nick DiPasquale, addressed community members with an interest in regional and local water quality issues.

DiPasquale talked about the progress of the Chesapeake Bay Program’s draft of a new Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement. The Agreement will formalize collaboration among the watershed states, environmental agencies and other partners and the long term goals for the protection and restoration of the Chesapeake Bay.

“This will establish a framework for other ecosystem restoration efforts throughout the country and the rest of the world,” DiPasquale said. “There are a lot of eyes on the Chesapeake Bay Program.”

The Chesapeake Bay Program’s budget increased $16 million, from $54 million to $70 million, in the last year and DiPasquale expects to see further growth with more support from the federal government. Five million dollars is set aside specifically for local governments to implement water restoration programs.

“Local government is where the real work happens, that’s where things get done,” DiPasquale said.

The Rivanna Conservation Society’s “Go X-Stream” Rivanna River Makeover will include educational events, river cleanups, plantings, and other events starting April 18 through April 26. Further information can be found at .