At yesterday’s meeting of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors, County leaders asked County Executive Bob Tucker to

schedule a future work session to evaluate the rate of residential and commercial growth filling the County development pipeline

.  Supervisors expressed interest in receiving more information on the potential of phasing developments in the designated growth areas such that new housing and commercial developments would be built on a time release schedule. One way this might work would be to have a developer with a large rezoning request to proffer a time-release of the residential units.  Another approach discussed is to deny rezoning requests.

Before this meeting, phasing had only been discussed as a strategy in the rural areas to slow development.  Interestingly, this lengthy discussion came after a review of a small rezoning request in Crozet that was being deferred at the applicant’s request.  Supervisors recounted how the public feedback from Crozet and the large amount of approved housing units now in the pipeline all around Albemarle had influenced their interest in hearing about phasing options.

Crozet resident Mary Rice speaks to Board of Supervisors

Charlottesville Tomorrow has created two recordings from this meeting.



is the entire discussion of the Liberty Hall rezoning request from developer Vito Cetta of Weatherhill Homes.  The



contains just the discussion by the Supervisors that led to the request for a work session on phasing of development in the growth areas


Listen to podcast #1



item, 17MB):

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Listen to podcast #2

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(The condensed version here is a smaller file with just the discussion that followed the public hearing)

Summary of discussion on

Podcast #2

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