In Charlottesville and most of Albemarle County, the Nov. 8 ballot is a lean one. Voters in this area are voting in just one race for the 5th Congressional District seat. That race is between incumbent Rep. Bob Good, a Republican, and his challenger Josh Throneburg, a Democrat from Charlottesville.

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“I don’t know that there are many voters that are on the fence between these two candidates,” Charlottesville Tomorrow Managing Editor Jessie Higgins said In My Humble Opinion on 101.3 Jamz. “They’re so wildly different. You’re either voting for a very conservative, Trump endorsed candidate, or you’re voting for a liberal Democrat.”

Other communities in Central Virginia, however, have many local races for town mayors and councils, boards of county supervisors and school boards. Charlottesville Tomorrow has compiled a list of local Central Virginia races in its 2022 Voter Guide.

To hear the full interview, skip ahead to minute mark 2:07 in the video below.

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