The Cavalier Daily: UVa to pack and store belongings of on-Grounds residents to prepare for housing healthcare workers

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By Ali Sullivan

The University will pack and store the belongings of on-Grounds residents living in Bond, Bice and Language Houses, according to a Sunday email sent to on-Grounds residents by Gay Perez, assistant vice president of student affairs and executive director of Housing and Residence Life.

Students’ belongings will be packed and placed in storage by the University’s unspecified third-party moving vendor where they will be warehoused until August, when the moving companies will return boxed belongings to locations on Grounds. According to the email, the University will cover the cost of packing and storing students’ items.

However, if students choose to pick up their belongings from the storage site, they will be charged $65 to $100. Students will only be charged if they retrieve their belongings from storage before Gov, Ralph Northam’s restrictions are lifted, according to a series of clarifying Tweets from Dean of Students Allen Groves in response to students’ objections to the costs. Similarly, students will be charged to ship their belongings to their home, depending on the number, size and weight of boxes shipped.

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