Charlottesville Salvation Army

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia. November 14, 2016 —The Charlottesville Corps of The Salvation Army is pleased to announce a free Christmas Concert featuring the National Capital Band on Friday evening, December 2, 2016, at 6:30 pm. to honor the newly formed John Erwin Endowment for Youth Enrichment. The concert will be held at The Charlottesville Salvation Army headquarters located at 207 Ridge Street in Charlottesville, VA.

The concert will feature the performance of local children who benefit from The Salvation Army programs that will be bolstered by the Erwin Endowment.

John Erwin lived in eight foster homes and four public institutions before age 18. Appearing before a juvenile court as a youth, a judge told him that he
would never make a satisfactory adjustment in life and sentenced him to a correctional institution. His long life of service to others and military service
disproved that prediction. In high school, caring teachers helped turn his life around, introducing him to music. He played first chair trombone and
became drum major, finding positive ways to express himself for the first time.

Majors James and Susan Shiels are at the helm of The Salvation Army in Charlottesville for their second year, working side by side with staff, volunteers, and donors to provide services to the homeless and those with the greatest need. The Salvation Army in Charlottesville receives virtually no government support; they rely solely on the generosity of the greater Charlottesville community, raising funds through events such as this year’s Telethon.

The Charlottesville Salvation Army fulfills a critical need no one else in this community provides—public or private—ensuring that people are able to find shelter and a hot meal every single day of the year. In 2015, the Charlottesville Salvation Army provided more than  56,000 meals to guests at their Ridge Street facility and 27,000 nights of lodging. They serve as the application center for Dominion EnergyShare dollars for qualifying individuals.