On April 19, 2007, the

Charlottesville Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA)

reviewed a decision by the City’s Zoning Administrator related to the historic, or protected status, of the Timberlake-Branham house and surrounding property located in Woolen Mills.  The Zoning Administrator found that three parcels around the home lost their protected status because of a technical mistake that was not caught at the time of the City’s 2003 comprehensive rezoning.  Woolen Mills resident Bill Emory appealed the Zoning Administrator’s February 2007 decision and the matter came before the Board.  At the end of a hour and a half discussion, with presentations by the City, and attorney’s representing Mr. Emory and the property Owner, Preston Coiner, the BZA decided to a seek outside counsel and defer a decision until their May 17, 2007 meeting.

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Highlights of podcast


01:30 — Staff report by

City Zoning Administrator Read Brodhead

06:25 — Presentation by

Attorney Erik Wilke

(representing Bill Emory)

22:25 — Presentation by

Attorney Fred Payne

(representing Preston Coiner) [See photo]

34:25 — Comments by

City Attorney Craig Brown

(representing Read Brodhead)

46:00 —

Public comment


50:18 — Comments by UVA Law professor

Anne Coughlin

– “Taking by Typo”

59:40 — Comments by

Preston Coiner

1:05:50 — Board discussion

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