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Hyperlocal news is meant to be mapped

Check out Charlottesville Tomorrow's latest news and events on the Blockfeed map:

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We have a partnership with Blockfeed (formerly known as Qork) which puts all our place-based news and events on your mobile map.  Blockfeed's applications are available for download in Apple’s App Store and on Google Play.

Your backyard, your child's school, your favorite places...

Get alerted to Charlottesville's most trusted and in-depth news at your location!

Attention REALTORS... Ever have clients who ask you what's going on behind the house they're buying? Show them your smarts with Blockfeed.


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by Brian Wheeler | March 31, 2015
Charlottesville Tomorrow is now on the map -- YOUR MOBILE MAP.  We are pleased to announce a partnership with Qork (now Blockfeed), a technology startup which launched in January with a sleek mobile interface for exploring links to community news and events. Now you can find Charlottesville Tomorrow’s news and ...
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