The four candidates for Charlottesville City Schools took questions for over an hour Wednesday evening on topics ranging from police in schools to essential construction and renovation projects.

The four candidates — Chris Meyer, Nicole Richardson, Amanda Burns and Shymora Cooper — will be on the ballot to fill four open seats on the Charlottesville City Schools Board in 2024. It’s the first time in 20 years that more than half of the seven-person Board will be new members.

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They responded to voters’ questions in Charlottesville Tomorrow’s 2023 Voter Guide, along with some questions from the audience, and delved deeper into the policies they would support at the community forum Wednesday evening at the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center.

The forum was hosted by Charlottesville Tomorrow and Charlottesville United for Public Education, streamed by In My Humble Opinion, a Sunday talk show on 101.3 Jamz, and supported by Vinegar Hill Magazine. Charlottesville Tomorrow education and families reporter Tamica Jean-Charles moderated the conversation.

NBC29 reported on the event.

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Charlottesville City Schools Board meetings are held the first Thursday each month, at 5 p.m. at the Charlottesville High School Media Center. You can find agendas for the meetings and instructions to participate on the CCS website. Get to know more about the candidates who will be on ballots in central Virginia in Charlottesville Tomorrow’s 2023 Voter Guide.

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