Location of Rivanna Village in Albemarle's Master Plan

Plans for Rivanna Village, a proposed development with a 12-year history, have been resubmitted to Albemarle County.

The revised plan has shrunk in size and protects more green space and waterways. The developer says the changes are in response to past concerns and questions raised by neighboring residents and county planning staff.

“We’re not starting from scratch,” said Andrew Boninti, manager of Rivanna Village LLC.  “We are just hopefully improving and making some changes to a previously approved plan and trying to be more sensitive to the environment.”

The current plan, on a 94-acre site on U.S. 250 next to Glenmore, is composed of 347 mixed residential units, approximately 40,000 square feet of commercial space and a 17-acre park. This is a decrease from the 2007 proposal, which had 521 housing units and 125,000 square feet of commercial space.

In 2007, the Board of Supervisors approved the Rivanna Village rezoning but the owners at the time did not pursue development of the project. Ownership of the site was conveyed to Rivanna Village LLC in June.

 “We have known this development has been coming for a long time,” said Trevor Joscelyne, president of the Glenmore Homeowners Association. “There has been a lot of resident input so far, and the developer has taken our concerns into consideration — especially in keeping the rural character of the area.”

The current plan focuses on a main-street concept, where denser development would be located. Single-family homes would be located farther into the development. The commercial district would include apartments above businesses.

 “We would like to have some commercial uses that would be of benefit to Glenmore residents and people living in that area of the county,” said Boninti. “But I think we can’t lose sight of the fact that we have major shopping [at Pantops] three miles away.”

The park, which would include two tennis courts, a basketball court, several pavilions and a walking path, would be located at the end of the development’s main street.

The proposal includes additional green space situated throughout the development, making 38 percent of Rivanna Village’s total area park or green space.

“We have tried to make the new plan much more environmentally friendly by not disturbing as many streams and other things like that,” said Boninti.

Boninti said the feedback from residents had been positive so far.

“If you are a homeowner in Glenmore, you are interested in what it’s going to look like and how much density you are going to have on the site,” said Boninti. “I think they have been pleasantly surprised, from the prior approved plan to now.”

The buffer between Rivanna Village and Glenmore has been increased from 50 feet to 75 feet, Boninti said.

Cindi Burket, a Glenmore resident and Republican candidate for the Scottsville District seat on the Board of Supervisors, said that as with any development there must be adequate infrastructure before it starts.

“As long as the codes are followed throughout the process, that development should be good.” Burket said.

A public meeting about the project for residents of Glenmore and surrounding areas is scheduled for 7 p.m. Wednesday in the banquet room of the East Rivanna Firehouse. 

The Democratic candidate, Jane Dittmar, also a Glenmore resident, encouraged her neighbors to attend the meeting.

“It is important that people who are interested in the Rivanna Village proposal attend the public meeting,” Dittmar said in a prepared statement. “I for one will be there and will be encouraging my neighbors to attend.”

Boninti anticipates the plan going before the Planning Commission before the end of the year.