Thank you for being interested in sponsoring our community-driven journalism! Our sponsors program is a way for organizations and institutions to invest in our work and demonstrate their commitment to improving the news and information ecosystem in our community. We are a nonprofit organizations so it is not paid advertising or a way to get press coverage for a fee, but it is a great way to show our community of loyal readers that your organization is engaged and wants to strengthen local news!

Here’s our editorial independence policy.

Please be aware that nonprofit sponsorship is not the same is advertising and at this time we cannot take sponsorships that directly sell or encourage financial transactions, or advocate for a political candidate. We reserve the right to review and refuse sponsorships for any reason.

We offer several types of sponsorship opportunities. If you are interested in sponsoring Charlottesville Tomorrow, please contact us at

Monthly email newsletter sponsorship

  • We send 12 email newsletters to over 9,500 subscribers each month with an average open rate of of 55%. Monthly email sponsors may use their logo and a short text message or design a banner with an aspect ratio of 564 x 225 to run in the middle of each email. The cost is $4,000/month.

Website sponsorship

  • Our website reaches 30,000 and more people each month with high rates of engagement. Story sponsors may use their logo and a short text message or design a banner, and link to their own property. The ad display size on a full size screen is 780 x 400 (height can vary, but this is the maximum) and should be tested for mobile usability (legible text and images) at 320 x 164. The cost is $2,500/week.
  • We also have special sponsorship opportunities for major projects and packages. Please reach out if you’d like to support specific areas of coverage.

Annual Sponsorship

  • Premiere Sponsors (2): $15,000/year. Our Premiere Sponsors receive their logo on our website and email newsletter; a month-long email sponsorship; and a selection of Charlottesville Tomorrow t-shirts, bags and mugs.
  • Lead Sponsors (5): $7,500/year. Our Lead Sponsors receive their logo on our website and email newsletter.
  • Community Sponsors (5): $2,000/year. Our Community Sponsors receive their logo on our website.

    If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please email

Our Sponsors

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