Ginger Holub - Volunteer at Jackson-Via Elementary School

Ginger Holub – Albemarle County

Tell us about your volunteer activities.
My volunteer hours are spent at Jackson-Via Elementary School.  After retiring from public education as a special education teacher and education consultant, I knew I would feel the most productive working with children.  

What inspires you to volunteer?
For me, it is not so much the aspect of volunteering as it is finding my niche at a school that exemplifies excellent teaching.  I am in awe of how individual students’ academic and social/emotional needs are met given the wide range of diversity.

If your volunteer work could make one long-lasting change, what would you want it to be?
I work with one specific student who exhibits learning needs.  We’ve worked together for over a year and I’ve seen such progress.  I would want this student to remember how important it is to ask for help versus getting frustrated and that undertaking new tasks is what school is all about.  

What is a little-known fact about you?
I have learned so many new things just by being in a third grade class and working with students at that level.  If anyone doubts that today’s students are not being exposed to updated and useful information they are not well informed as to today’s curricula.

What brought you to Charlottesville/Albemarle County?
In 1980, I joined the Hospital Education Program at the UVA Children’s Hospital as an education consultant.  I was considered a teacher with the city school system.  I had been a special education in New Hampshire so the move to VA was a big one and the best one ever.  I loved working for the city school system and my role with the hospital and local school divisions was perfect.

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