Pantops Crosswalk Project Credit: County of Albemarle
Albemarle County is constructing a crosswalk across Rt. 250 (Richmond Road) in Pantops. The new crosswalk will connect Luxor Road and State Farm Boulevard and allow pedestrians to cross Rt. 250 safely. The image illustrates where the new crosswalk will be.
A traffic signal company started their phase of the project this week, laying conduit for the pedestrian signals. In the coming weeks, visitors to the Pantops area will also notice the construction of ramps and curbing in the median and on the north side of Rt. 250 as well as milling, paving, and the placement of pavement and pedestrian crosswalk markings. The crosswalk is expected to be operational in mid- to late-July.
Due to the multiple lanes of traffic and distance across Rt. 250, vehicular traffic going in both directions on Rt. 250 will not be able to stop at the same time. Consequently, pedestrians will cross Rt. 250 in stages by use of timers and a “sanctuary space” constructed in the median. 
When the Rt. 250 crosswalk is operational pedestrians are urged to obey signals and not attempt to cross on orange or flashing signals. Please be patient when waiting for the next ‘Walk’ signal. Although Rt. 250 and Rt. 29 carry high-volume traffic, crosswalk designs for these roads enable safe access to shopping, residential, and commercial areas.