Credit: Albemarle County

Citizen Survey Available Online

This year, Albemarle County has the opportunity to expand the reach of The National Citizen Survey™ with an opt-in online survey, at no additional cost. Earlier this summer, questionnaires were sent to a random sample of 1,500 Albemarle households, asking for feedback on the quality and usefulness of County services. The results of this scientific survey will be included in a final report that county officials will use to play a key role in determining areas of emphasis for Albemarle County planning and programmatic efforts. This National Citizen Survey tool also provides the opportunity for benchmarking with other jurisdictions across Virginia and the United States.

Albemarle County is excited to provide this opportunity to allow all citizens to weigh in. The opt-in survey will be available at from July 17th through July 31st, 2017.

The National Citizen Survey™ is sponsored by the International City/County Management Association in cooperation with National Research Center, Inc. The questionnaire and survey procedure were designed based on the experience of hundreds of local governments, ranging in size from small to large. Scientific sampling and weighting of the responses in each jurisdiction ensure accurate and reliable results. Because each county’s survey is developed using a standard template, and many counties can be surveyed at one time, The National Citizen Survey™ is a very efficient way to measure citizen opinion.

“The survey is an important tool for gauging public priorities and issues of concern, and the results are very helpful as we make critical policy and resource decisions,” said Interim County Executive Doug Walker. “We hope that all interested citizens will take the time to share their candid feedback with us.”