Credit: Albemarle County

Public Survey Open Now Through August 25, 2017

Albemarle County Board of Supervisors and County Staff are seeking public opinion on a significant decision regarding needed improvements of the County’s court facilities. Now through August 25, 2017, an online survey will be available for residents to provide their feedback. Please visit to access the survey and participate.

The purpose of this anonymous survey is to gather input from County residents on their experiences at our existing courts and to learn what project considerations they feel are most important as the County studies the options of either renovating or relocating the courts.  This survey is not a vote for or against any aspect of the Board’s considerations, but rather a tool for information gathering purposes.

For a number of years, the County has been actively engaged in determining the best option to address the challenges facing the County’s courts and to identify opportunities to improve infrastructure and the efficiency of court operations, while providing the best current and future value for County taxpayers. Any option to address the long-term needs of the Albemarle County courts will involve one of the most significant capital investments that the County anticipates over the next five to seven years. For more information, including project background, current options, major milestones and supporting documents, visit