Jim Duncan is offering some comments

today on future traffic congestion issues related to the planned

Albemarle Place

development near Route 29 and Hydraulic Road intersection area.

The site plan is under review by Albemarle County and staff have told Charlottesville Tomorrow that, while it is currently on the agenda for discussion at the January 10, 2006 Albemarle County Planning Commission meeting, a deferral is expected.  We are tracking this project on the

Charlottesville Tomorrow calendar


The picture at the right is what the site plan has in mind for the intersection near the current 7-11 store (Hydraulic Road is on the left and Route 29 heads North on the right). Other buildings in the development can be seen in the distance up Hydraulic Road.

Transportation issues around Albemarle Place were discussed at the last MPO meeting.  Charlottesville Tomorrow has a

Podcast of that discussion

.  Of interest was the fact the Grumman/Sperry Marine was not cooperating with the County’s interest in interconnecting their property to Albemarle Place and that the end result was going to be a new “temporary” traffic signal and crossover of 29N near the US Post Office to allow northbound traffic a way to turn into Albemarle Place (since the Sperry entrance and traffic light won’t be shared).  Another light is also proposed to be added on Hydraulic Rd.

This last picture shows the development as it might be viewed from near the Burger King in Seminole Square.  This view looks across 29 at the area South of the Sperry Marine facility.

Brian Wheeler


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