Albemarle County Media Release
DATE: December 4, 2006
CONTACT: Lee Catlin, Community Relations Manager, Phone (434) 296-5841, fax (434)296-5800,


Albemarle County has received a grant from the Virginia Department of Historic Resources to locate, identify, survey and document between 270 and 300 properties within the Village of Crozet to educate the public about Crozet’s architectural and social history and to create a reliable information base to coordinate downtown development with historic preservation goals. County officials hope the historic resources project will stimulate increased private investment in the revitalization of historic buildings in the district and will support local preservation planning efforts. 

The community of Crozet has long been recognized for its colorful history, including its role as a railroad stop constructed as part of the railroad infrastructure built by the famous French engineer, Colonel Claudius Crozet, in the 1850’s.  The early 1900s saw a period of great prosperity and physical development in the village when many businesses were founded directly related to the booming apple and peach orchard industry. 

The Crozet Master Plan does not include specific guidance for proceeding with new development while preserving Crozet’s significant historic resources.  The survey would provide up-to-date documentation to help in developing effective strategies for the coexistence of new development with resources that define the special character of the Village of Crozet and its place in Albemarle County history.

The grant will be administered by the Virginia Department of Historic Resources in coordination with Albemarle County.  DHR will provide $12,500 in funding for the project, and Albemarle County and the Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC) will combine to provide the matching $12,500.


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