Another work session and another potential candidate for Supervisor

On January 16, 2007, the

Albemarle County Planning Commission

met for a work session on the proposed

Biscuit Run development

in the County’s Southern urban growth area.  The proposal before the board is a rezoning request that currently encompasses up to 3,100 homes on 828 acres.

The transportation issues will be discussed at a

work session on January 30, 2007

in a joint meeting with the City Planning Commission.

Key discussion questions posed by staff and considered in this work session.

During the applicant’s presentation, attorney Steve Blaine distributed the document linked below to the Commissioners and the audience.

Biscuit Run handout 1/16/07

It provides details on the nature of the current voluntary proffer proposals being proposed by the applicant in an effort to receive the County’s approval for a rezoning.  Without the rezoning, the developer is limited to the by-right development potential which Mr. Blaine estimated was 1,400 homes.

Most interesting NEW issue raised during the evening

Commissioner Cal Morris (@18m22s) points out that staff report indicates the “Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority has recently raised concerns about the potential lack of capacity to provide public water and sewer for the Biscuit Run development.”  Commissioners were informed that the applicant, RWSA, planning staff, and the Albemarle County Service Authority are meeting tomorrow to review this situation and the ability of the sewer interceptor line to handle the projected needs for Biscuit Run.

Most interesting response to the question of phasing of development in Albemarle

Attorney Steve Blaine responds (@1h43m40s) to the staff question on phasing in a growth area (see this discussion:

Supervisors Question Pace of Growth

). He starts by noting that phasing has not been described in the proposal, and continues, “We are not going to develop or grade this entire project [at once] because we are going to respond to market demand.  We expect it to be built in phases….We ought to be able to address the aesthetic concerns by our ample buffers so people looking in are not going to see that pre-development activity….If someone could articulate a reason as to why we need to phase, particularly if it is some artificial limit on the delivery of residential units, it’s counter to what we just talked about with limiting supply and affordability. To date, no one has articulated that for us, perhaps someone will.”  Earlier in the meeting, Mr. Blaine indicated he was not opposed in principal to phasing, but that it was his belief that the impacts of the development are addressed in proffers and code of development (i.e. it shouldn’t matter when it is built).

Kevin Fletcher

offers feedback on Biscuit Run development during public comment

Most interesting appearance by a past candidate for the Board of Supervisors

Kevin Fletcher, who ran an unsuccessful write-in campaign for Supervisor against Lindsay Dorrier (Scottsville)

in 2003

, spoke during public comment  (@37m44s) with his concerns about the development.  Mr. Fletcher shared his belief that, “We don’t need more housing and we don’t need more commercial space….We need to conserve as much of our growth area as possible because once this is gone the cry will come out for more growth area.”  After speaking,

Mr. Fletcher confirmed for Charlottesville Tomorrow that he was actively considering another run for Supervisor in the Scottsville District

, but at this point he is not prepared to announce a timeline for that decision or whether he would run as an Independent or seek the nomination of a political party.

Note: Biscuit Run begins at 10m 45s into the recording.

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