On December 19, 2006, the

Albemarle County Planning Commission

met for another work session on the Biscuit Run rezoning.  Located immediately south of Charlottesville and Interstate 64, Biscuit Run is now proposed to have 3,100 homes on 920 acres of land in one of the County’s designated growth areas.

This was an informational meeting in which the applicant provided an update on transportation matters

.  There was significant public comment, about half of which was provided by residents of the City of Charlottesville.

Attorney Steve Blaine made his presentation to the Commissioners and a sizeable audience that included members of the City Planning Commission and City Council.  His comments were also directed to the many residents from the Old Lynchburg Road area concerned about the development’s traffic impacts.  Mr. Blaine volunteered the following proffers to address the community’s concerns:

No decisions were made by the Commission.  Additional meetings have tentatively been scheduled as follows:

Charlottesville Tomorrow

has produced a podcast of this meeting which includes the staff report, Mr. Blaine’s presentation, followed by public comment.

Podcast produced by Charlottesville Tomorrow * Player by Odeo

Listen using player above or download the podcast:

Download 20061219-CoPC-Biscuit.mp3

Brian Wheeler


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