On March 21, 2006, the Albemarle County Planning Commission held its first formal work session on the proposed Biscuit Run development. The Daily Progress coverage can be found


. The next work session will be on April 18, 2006 to discuss environmental issues and site planning that respects the terrain.

Charlottesville Tomorrow

has produced two recordings of this event. This first recording includes the staff report by Senior Planner Claudette Grant.  This is followed a report from the developer’s representative, Steve Blaine.  The Planning Commission then focuses its discussion on issues related to public school and park sites which may be included in the development and proffered by the applicant.

Listen to podcast #1 on schools and parks


Download 20060321-BiscuitRun-A.mp3

The second recording includes the remainder of the work session which begins with a focus on residential and non-residential density distributions. This is followed by an overview of transportation issues in the area around Biscuit Run in a presentation by the County’s Chief of Planning, David Benish.

Listen to podcast #2 on density and transportation


Download 20060321-BiscuitRun-B.mp3

Brian Wheeler


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