The City has received an application for a blasting permit at an active construction site on Quarry Road, better known as Belmont Point or Stonehenge PUD. 

The development site is adjacent to the eastern end of Stonehenge Avenue and abuts houses in the 900 and 1000 blocks of Druid Avenue.  

The Fire Marshall’s Office in the City Fire Department is responsible for reviewing blasting permits. City officials are working on this project with public safety as the most important concern for all involved. 

If the proposed blasting were to be approved, it would be done in accordance with all applicable regulations; however, no decision on the permit application has been made at this time.  

According to state fire code regulations, residents adjacent to the site where the blasting has been proposed to occur should already have been contacted by a seismic survey company regarding a pre-blast survey of their residences. This offer is required by the Fire Code. 

The City urges residents to take advantage of this service, and to photographically document the condition of their homes independently as well.

The City will provide additional information when it is available.