The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors heard a report today on the build-out population of the Crozet growth area.  Previously, a maximum population of 12,500 people has often been attributed as the build-out population of Crozet with the master plan in place. Crozet’s current population is about 3,600 people.

However, in new research presented to the Board, staff explained their belief that this past projection was always intended to only cover the first 20 years of the master plan (up to year 2024). In the report, staff calculated a new maximum population for Crozet of 24,039 people. Staff also reviewed the recently approved Old Trail Village development (up to 2,200 units) to check alignment with master plan goals.

Crozet residents testified today that they considered this announcement of a new maximum population a “breach of trust” in the master planning process.  Supervisors countered that Crozet, even at a future population of 24,000, would still be a smaller community than what could have been possible under the 1996 comprehensive plan, prior to master planning.  Supervisors described the promise they felt was made to the community that the master plan would not lead to more population than what was previously possible.

In accepting the report, the Board of Supervisors affirmed the staff’s interpretation that the 20-year master plan only covers the population up to the first 12,500 people and that the ultimate potential population could be much larger after 2024.

Brian Wheeler


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