Albemarle County Board of Supervisors


passed a resolution

stating their commitment to continue funding regional transportation initiatives. Such a document was requested by the

Charlottesville City Council in early October when it voted to give VDOT

a temporary construction easement to build the Meadowcreek Parkway.

Supervisor David Slutzky (Rio) put the resolution together, and added examples of how the County has increased funding over the last few years. “It’s a gesture of good-faith back to the City in our renewed era of collaboration,” he said.

Download the approved resolution

The County has:

The resolution also describes the County’s efforts to date with respect to the proposed Sunset/Fontaine Connector. According to the resolution, the County accepted a $1.55 million proffer from the Biscuit Run development  to help pay for that project, and will also include the project on the County’s priority list for secondary road improvements.

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