Rivanna Supervisor Ken Boyd

WINA AM 1070’s Charlottesville Live morning program is inviting all of the candidates running for the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors to come on the radio to share their background and priorities.

On August 8, 2007, Incumbent Ken Boyd was their guest. He’s the current chair of the Board of Supervisors, and represents the Rivanna District. Boyd will face Marcia Joseph this November in his re-election bid. This recording from Charlottesville Tomorrow is produced with the permission of  WINA.

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He was elected to the School Board in 1999, and to the Board four years later. He says so far this year, he’s visited over a thousand homes in an effort to find out what his constituents’ say their problems are.

“It’s wrong that our community has based our budget on whatever the appraised value of property taxes are,” he said. “We as a community ought to decide on what’s a reasonable amount of growth to meet the expectations of our people here to provide for safety, transportation and education.” He also says the County is taking steps to become more business-friendly, pointing to the County joining the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Thomas Jefferson Partnership for Economic Development.


1:32 – Boyd explains why he’s seeking a second term

2:12 – Boyd explains why budget reform is one of his top priorities

4:01 – Boyd further details his philosophy on how to build a County budget

5:29 – Boyd talks about how to make Albemarle more business-friendly

7:29 – Boyd on serving his constituents

8:31 – Boyd discusses the drought and the need for a long-range plan for water supply

10:47 – Boyd explains why he supports the formation of a Regional Transportation Authority

14:15 – Boyd explains why he voted against funding ASAP’s ‘optimal population study’

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