Ken Boyd

, the Chairman of the

Albemarle County Board of Supervisors

, appeared this afternoon on the Schilling Show with host Rob Schilling on WINA AM 1070.  Schilling asked Boyd to respond to the decision made last week, during a meeting which Boyd missed while traveling out of town, that put on the Supervisors’ agenda for action tomorrow

three changes to rural area ordinances

related to holding periods on family sub-divisions, stream buffers, and driveways across steep slopes.

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Boyd said he was surprised by the Board’s action which came on a 5-0 vote which Supervisor Lindsay Dorrier (Scottsville) unsuccessfully tried to have reconsidered.  The agenda item for rural area ordinances was added to the end of a previously scheduled work session which does not have time allocated for public comment.

“It is my full intention…as chair, if I can exercise my prerogative as chair, I’m going to open up [this item] to public input if there are people who want to speak about this, because I don’t think that we can ever hear too much from the public, and I think it would be an injustice not to listen to them one more time,” said Boyd on Schilling’s radio program.  “I guess there are some parliamentary procedures that my colleagues could take to prevent that from happening, but I have intention of taking public input on this tomorrow.”

Boyd expressed his preference for additional review of each ordinance individually with separate opportunities for additional public comment.  The following changes are under consideration [

all details are available on the Albemarle County website


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