Meet Your Nonprofit - Building Goodness Foundation

Describe your nonprofit’s mission.
Building Goodness Foundation volunteers build and renovate homes, schools and clinics in Virginia, Central America, Haiti and western Africa.

What need in our community brought about the creation of your nonprofit?
Non-profits commonly have significant facility renovations and repairs that they cannot afford. BGF volunteers are from the construction and design industries giving their time and skill to strengthen organizations that provide essential services in our community (and beyond).

How has your nonprofit made a difference in our community?
To date, we’ve renovated more than 80 homes for qualified homeowners and partnered with more than 50 local non-profits. Our services essentially cut the cost of a capital project in half, thereby keeping precious resources focused on where our partners need them most!

How can community members help you achieve your mission?
We need people and money. Approximately 80% of BGF’s volunteers are professionally skilled, but there is always room for volunteers who are handy with tools or good around the office! Of course, money is always the “one-size-fits-all” way to help our neighbors in need.

Tell us a story that has come out of your work.
Ginger, a window, lost her husband earlier in the year. Their family home was in desperate need of repairs from a leak in the upstairs bathroom. The leak had destroyed the kitchen ceiling as well as the sub-floor of the upstairs bathroom. Ginger was a career worker at Arby’s by Barracks Rd and had become friendly with two C-ville Police officers. When they heard her problem, they applied to BGF on her behalf to have the repairs completed by our volunteers. In just one weekend, Ginger’s bathroom and kitchen were renovated. She’s now planning on leaving her home to her son and granddaughter upon her passing.

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