Albemarle County has released its

year-end building report for 2007


Building permits increased 44.5% over 2006 from 575 to 831

.  While 2007 started strong with 324 building permits issued in the first quarter,

only 97 permits were issued in the fourth quarter of 2007

.  That fourth quarter total is the second lowest quarterly total during the past eleven years (1Q 2004 had 77 permits).

Albemarle County’s Building Report tracks the location of these permits in the rural areas vs. the

designated growth areas

[see chart].  In 2007, 24.3% of all building permits were issued for homes in the County’s rural areas.

The 202 rural area permits issued in 2007 represents the smallest total for the rural area in the past eleven years.

Albemarle County’s

designated growth areas

comprise 5% of the land in the County. The Comprehensive Plan and other policies approved by the Board of Supervisors are intended to channel new development into the growth areas in order to protect Albemarle’s rural fields, farms, and forests.

Brian Wheeler


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