The Virginia Public Access Project
(VPAP) will soon release the final pre-election campaign finance data for our local
elections.  The online VPAP database will include the October 29th financial
reports covering fundraising activity for early October 2007.  On the
VPAP website you can get contribution profiles on all the Charlottesville City Council and Albemarle County Board of Supervisors candidates. 

In the most recent reports, the largest donations of $2,000 and above are as follows:

Albemarle County Board of Supervisors

White Hall



Once VPAP has the data online (by Monday, November 5th), the links above should reflect all of the contributions shown.

Brian Wheeler

*UPDATE 12/14/07: A
$2,500 contribution which was originally reported by the Wyant campaign as
coming from “Shelter PAC” is now being reported as coming from the “
Blue Ridge Homebuilders Association.”  This post has been adjusted accordingly to match VPAP’s database.


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