With only days before the Democratic primary , candidates for three seats on Charlottesville City Council are reporting their late summer fundraising results.

Democrat James Halfaday received $10,479 in donations, the most raised in the latest filing period by council candidates. According to his finance report, Halfaday received 21 donations of $499. Of those contributions, 10 came from individuals living in his home state of Illinois.

Halfaday explained in an email that he had asked for donations for his birthday, and $499 was the maximum amount he would allow for a contribution. According to state campaign finance laws, there is no limit to how much an individual or organization can contribute to local and state candidates.

All candidates were required to report their financial activity between July 1 and Aug. 10 to the State Board of Elections. Finance reports are published online by the Virginia Public Access Project .

Homebuilder Paul Beyer , a Democrat, raised a total of $8,175 last period, which includes $4,400 in loans he made to his campaign.

Democrat Brevy Cannon , a University of Virginia media relations writer, raised $7,913 including $2,000 from Henry Cannon III, a resident of Alabama.

Democrat Kathleen Galvin , an architect and School Board member, raised $7,591. Democrat Satyendra Huja , an incumbent running for reelection to a second term, raised $4,120.

Democrats Dede Smith , a former city School Board chair and co-founder of Citizens for a Sustainable Water Plan , and current School Board member Colette Blount raised $3,943 and $2,820 respectively.

In overall fundraising for the council election, Cannon now leads all candidates with $12,019, which includes a $2,000 loan he made to his campaign during the previous filing period. Halfaday has raised a total of $11,329, followed closely by Galvin with $11,011 and Beyer with $10,982.

Huja and Galvin each received $500 donations from the Monticello Business Alliance , a political action committee formed in 2003 funded largely by real estate and development interests.

The Shelter PAC, representing the Blue Ridge Home Builders Association , donated $1,000 to Beyer, and $500 to both Galvin and Huja. The PAC was created in 2007 to support business oriented candidates. Beyer explained that his family business has been a member of the trade organization since 1977.

Huja, Galvin and Beyer have all expressed support for the current water supply plan, which calls for construction of a new dam at the Ragged Mountain Reservoir . Smith, Blount, Cannon, and Halfaday oppose construction of the dam, and have called for a “dredge first” approach.

Independent candidate Bob Fenwick reported $50 in contributions, as well as a $364.90 loan he made to his campaign. Brandon Collins , also an independent, raised $191. Andrew Williams raised $100, and Scott Bandy made a $120 loan to his own campaign. Paul Long did not raise any money this period.

Current City Councilors David Brown and Holly Edwards are not running for reelection. Three nominees will be selected by the Democratic Party at a firehouse primary being held this Saturday at Burley Middle School from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. The winners will face all qualified independent candidates in the November general election.