Jon Cannon

Jon Cannon has resigned from the Albemarle County Planning Commission, effective immediately. Cannon, who was appointed by Supervisor David Slutzky (Rio) in January 2006, is concentrating on his duties as a member of President

Barack Obama’s

transition team.

Cannon is Director of the Environmental and Land Use Law Program at the University of Virginia’s School of Law. He came to Charlottesville after a stint as the General Counsel of the Environmental Protection Agency. Cannon will be taking a leave of absence from UVA during the spring semester.

In an e-mail interview with Charlottesville Tomorrow, Cannon said he was proud of the diverse set of opinions held by Commissioners which allowed the group to work to improve developments such as Biscuit Run.

“The members’ different perspectives, I thought, contributed to the evolution of a well-tailored, balanced approach over a number of sessions,” Cannon said. “It has been the Commission’s ability to work as a deliberative body, rather than just a collection of individual views, or votes, that has most impressed me.  I’m hopeful that that deliberative quality can continue.  It is a great asset to the County.”

Cannon also praised what he describes as a “highly-skilled” County staff that works to support the Commission.

“Without this support, the Commission could not function effectively,” Cannon said.

Slutzky will now have a chance to name a replacement for Cannon, whose term expires at the end of 2009.

Sean Tubbs


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