Charlottesville, Virginia… 6/2/2016… On Wednesday, May 25, the Virginia Transit Association (VTA) awarded Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT) the 2016 Small System Outstanding Public Transportation Marketing Award. The award, which was presented during VTA’s annual conference, recognized CAT for its 2015 “City as a Canvas” campaign.

The campaign spotlighted the importance of art in the local community while using unconventional methods to promote transit and creativity. The initiative, which was a collaboration between CAT and the Tom Tom Founder’s Festival, used a combination of bus shelters and a soon-to-be-retired transit bus to display original works completed by local artists and authors. The graffiti bus provided over 28,000 passenger trips during the two month campaign. CAT experienced an 8% increase in ridership as a whole, and a 21% increase in ridership on the line that sported the painted bus.

CAT was one of three systems recognized at the annual conference. The Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC) received the Large System Outstanding Public Transportation Marketing Award for its “Choose the Pass That’s Right For You!” campaign and Alexandria Transit Company (DASH) received the Outstanding Program Award for its “Plan Ahead… Pay It Forward” campaign.

About the Virginia Transit Association
Founded in 1977, the Virginia Transit Association (VTA) provides public education and legislative advocacy to support public transportation systems throughout the Commonwealth. The VTA has 57 total members, whic h include 24 transit properties and 33 business and associate members.

About Tom Tom Founders Festival
The annual Founders Festival is a week of concerts, talks, competitions and public art that connect hundreds of bands, startups, and visionaries in Charlottesville, Va. In 2015, Tom Tom had attendance of over 26,200, showcased over 400 community organizations, and had an economic impact of $1.5M on the community of Charlottesville.

About the Artist
Mickael Broth is Richmond-based artist, muralist, and writer. After having a run-in with the law in 2004, Mickael turned his vandal-like tendencies into a productive career. Broth has been an active member of the community, working with youth art groups, as well as leading groups of corporate volunteers through public art projects, in addition to contributing work to multiple non-profit