Charlottesville Tomorrow celebrated its 10th anniversary last week at an event at King Family Vineyards attended by 200 friends and supporters.

As part of that celebration, we are pleased to share a newly written story about our founding and our latest annual report (the report also appears below).

The event was a wonderful opportunity to thank our donors, our underwriters, the many community leaders who have supported our work and our fans.

Our board chair Carol Hurt also had the opportunity to recognize and thank our co-founders Michael Bills and Rick Middleton.

Bills served as chairman of Charlottesville Tomorrow’s board from its inception in 2005 to 2013.

“I am very proud, and every one of you should be very proud, of the work that Charlottesville Tomorrow has accomplished in its first decade,” Bills said. “You should also be very excited about the work it has to do in the coming decades.”

“There are going to be a host of issues, some of which are on the horizon and clear, some of which will come up and Charlottesville Tomorrow will be there to help them get resolved in a way that’s the best for our community.”

“Ten years ago Charlottesville Tomorrow was just an idea — Rick and I thought it was a really good idea — but that’s all it would have ever been was an idea and it certainly would have not existed without the many people here in this room,” Bills said.  “We called upon your reputation frequently to [address] within the broader community the skepticism that was there about whether a non-advocacy group could actually deliver the full and truthful details, information and pictures necessary for all sides of a discussion to happen, and we have accomplished that.”

“Charlottesville Tomorrow is a testament to why this community is so special and Charlottesville Tomorrow will be one of the reasons it remains special going into the future,” said Bills. “Thank you for making that happen.”

Below you will find a collection of great photos by Ryan Kelly of the event as well as a slideshow that includes an overview of our history, our work today and our appreciation for our generous supporters in our first 10 years.

Thank you for reading, for supporting Charlottesville Tomorrow, and for getting engaged to help make Charlottesville-Albemarle a better community!

Photos by Ryan Kelly

View the slideshow which we shared at our 10th anniversary (click to advance)

Browse Charlottesville Tomorrow’s 2014 Annual Report below or view online at Piktochart or download PDF.


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