Welcome to the new Charlottesville Tomorrow. It’s a lot like the old Charlottesville Tomorrow, only better!

Whenever you get a chance to refresh your digital presence, it’s an opportunity to think hard about what your audience needs and wants and what you are prepared to give them. Our new site, logo and colors are the culmination of nine months of work with our staff and board to get clear on what our community wants from us.

Through surveys, listening tours, examining the analytics, and working with our peers nationwide, we realized that a community-centered newsroom should look and feel like a community, whose values and voice provide a clear lens on the incredible work of our journalists and community contributors. We also realized that our name has meaning we want to express. As a socially conscious news outlet, we do this work to try to make the world better. We wanted our new logo to say: Charlottesville is our place, and Tomorrow is our focus.

We hope you will click around the new site and give us feedback.

You, our readers, are why we get up in the morning, so we want to know what you think — what you like and what could be better. Check out the new About page to get reacquainted with us, or share it with friends you think should be subscribers.

We’ve maintained the powerful archive of Charlottesville Tomorrow (which started serving the community with information in 2005) and hopefully made it more accessible. We’ve improved the internal search, made it easier to get in touch with questions, and preserved the clean, simple reading experience that you’ve told us you enjoy. But mostly, we have tried to refocus on connecting with you, our readers, so we can really make a community that feels comfortable thinking about our future together.

We know these kinds of transitions are never perfect, and are always iterative, so please get in touch if you see an error or have a question about the new look and feel of our website. We appreciate your help in getting this all done right.

Charlottesville has a lot of work to do to become the best place it can be. Local journalism has a lot of work to do to earn the trust and respect of diverse and beautiful communities like ours. We know you’re down for that work in the same way that we are. We hope the new website and brand refresh are an invitation into that work and a celebration of how far we have come over the past four years.

So come get your purple on with us — a color that reflects depth, wisdom, history and truth!

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Giles Morris

I'm Charlottesville Tomorrow's Executive Director. Want to let me know what you think about Charlottesville Tomorrow or what’s missing in local media? Connect with me here. The best way to stay connected to our community of readers is to subscribe to our weekly email newsletter, which you can do by clicking here.