Charlottesville, Virginia, December 27, 2016—Visual artist, Jeff Dobrow, encourages local awareness for projection mapping with public showing at 5th St Station in Charlottesville, this Thursday, December 29th on the (left and front facade of) Bank of the James. Projection mapping, video mapping or spatial augmented reality, simplified, is turning objects (like buildings, walls or ceilings) into a display surface for (video) projection. Although projection mapping has surged internationally and is now gaining momentum in the United States, its history can be traced back to 1969 with the opening of the Haunted Mansion ride in Disneyland (as noted on the website

“Because projection mapping is so much more popular in other parts of the world, finding the right occasion and scope in Charlottesville was important to me.” Says Jeff Dobrow, Visual Artist and Partner at nectar integrated creative company. “Bank of the James gave me the opportunity—and artistic freedom—as a testament to just how experiential a community bank can think and act.”

The one-night installation is a three-minute piece comprised of 2D and 3D animation, architecture and technological embellishment and nature footage envisioned along a DJ mix from Luminosity Gathering BC, Canada. The projection will play continuously starting at dusk.

“I do motion design, so a lot of what I create remains pixels on a screen. Projection mapping lets me create something real and experiential.” Says Jeff Dobrow, Visual Artist and Partner at nectar integrated creative company. “Real because you can blend matter, structure, absoluteness with computer graphics. Static matter like buildings and rooms become living breathing interactive works of art.”

About Jeff Dobrow
Jeff Dobrow is a visual artist focusing on experiential and interactive visual art—specifically 2D/3D animation, mixed media, live mixing, projection mapping and virtual reality. With plans for larger scale work in the future, Jeff Dobrow continues to leverage his involvement with nectar integrated creative company as a springboard for artistic and creative technology R&D (in nectar’s FlowLab). Jeff Dobrow teaches motion design and is currently looking for opportunities to lead a small virtual reality educational initiative for children.