Officials discuss new roads, Albemarle Place, citizen involvement

Members of the Charlottesville-Albemarle Metropolitan Planning Organization met on November 17th to discuss the transportation needs of the region. The MPO is a transportation decisionmaking group made up of Charlottesville and Albemarle representatives and Virginia Department of Transportation employees.

Major issues under discussion were the new “candidate projects” system for prioritizing road project funding, the new Albemarle Place development at the intersection of 29 North and Hydraulic Road, and improved communications with local citizens.

The meeting was chaired by David Brown, Mayor of Charlottesville.

Download MetropolitanPlanningOrganization20051116.mp3

00:00 – 04:13 Introductions

04:13 – 08:31 Public comments

08:31 – 14:18 Transit: CTS and JAUNT

14:18 – 26:37 VDOT candidate projects for Six-year program

26:37 – 37:04 Can the eastern connector get I or primary funding?

37:04 – 43:30 Places29 update

43:30 – 1:10:08 Albemarle Place

1:10:08 – 1:10:45

Transportation Funding Options Report


1:10:45 – 1:18:58 CHART committee membership

1:18:58 – 1:24:52 MPO public involvement guidelines

1:24:52 – 1:31:15 Transit issues with the county

1:31:15 – 1:32:46 Closing

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