By Bridgett Lynn

Charlottesville Tomorrow

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

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On May 20, 2010, the

Rivanna Conservation Society

held their Third Thursday Brown Bag lunch meeting and discussed protection efforts for the Chesapeake Bay. The featured speaker was Rick Parrish, a senior attorney from the

Southern Environmental Law Center


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Over the course of the hour, Parrish talked about the watershed and the Chesapeake Bay Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL), which refers to the total amount of pollutants allowed to enter into a body of water before water quality becomes impaired. He discussed the TMDL’s history, significance, and goals in the Chesapeake Bay area.

Parrish finished up the presentation describing some of the successes that the Bay has seen to date, and next steps on the schedule for the TMDL and local Watershed Implementation Plans (WIPs).

The draft TMDL plan for the entire Chesapeake Bay will be completed by August 1, 2010, after which the public review process will begin. The EPA is expected to release its final Chesapeake Bay cleanup plan in December 2010.


00:46 — Robbi Savage introduces speaker

01:46 — Rick Parrish gives background on TMDL

08:23 — Question about former directors of the bay program

09:14 — Parrish outlines Bay problems

10:11 — Parrish talks about obligations of EPA

11:12 — Question about organic sediments

11:53 — Question about focus on Nitrogen and Phosphorous

13:07 — Question about contribution that West Virginia makes to Bay

13:24 — Parrish describes picture where the dissolved oxygen problems are in the bay on slide 3

13:45 — Parrish describes Bay health assessment on slide 4

17:08 — Question on acceptable level of dissolved oxygen

18:24 — Parrish shows Bay watershed on slide 5

22:48 — Question about upstream Potomac requirements for Bay TMDL

24:41 — Question about TMDLs for Virginia

25:17 — Question about comparing the goals to the different segments of Rivanna

29:13 — Parrish describes TMDL plans

32:21 — Parrish describes symbolic representation of the Bay TMDL on slide 5

35:03 — Parrish showing reflection on how bay model is improving on slide 6

35:52 — Parrish shows nutrient loads by state and nutrient impacts on Bay on slide 8 and 9

37:04 — Parrish talks about EPA’s best estimate at making allocations on slide 10

39:32 — Question about the sources of Nitrogen and Phosphorous

39:49 — Parrish describes Virginia’s estimated loads on slide 12

44:11 — Parrish talks about improvements of the Bay

46:41 — Parrish shows where dissolved oxygen problems are in VA on slide 13

46:59 — Parrish talks about lower James River on slide 14

47:41 — Question about where TMDL for the rivers will be administered

49:47 — Question about Rivanna river plans

51:32 — Question about waste water treatment plants and farmers

53:49 — Parrish talks about successes to date on slide 16

54:46 — Parrish shows current TMDL and WIP schedule on slide 17

59:34 — Conclusion


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