City of Charlottesville

In September 2017, the Commissioner of the Revenue’s office & the City Treasurer’s office implemented a new cashiering and tax software system to provide the best service to the people of Charlottesville. 

Tax bills for the second half of 2017 (due to arrive in the coming weeks) will be the first run of bills prepared in the new system and we would like to inform our taxpayers of some changes as we transition to the new process:

New Account Numbers
As part of the system migration, your personal property and real estate tax accounts have new account numbers. Please review your bill carefully for this new account information and update your records, including any online payments or online bank bill pay information that you may have stored automatically.

Your old personal property account number is no longer valid for online or automated telephone payments and any payments mailed with your old account number will cause a delay in processing. Real Estate parcel ID will still be used for real estate tax payments made via the online or automated phone payment system.

Customer Service
We strive to deliver prompt customer service, however, staff is still learning the new software and you may experience longer than expected wait times when contacting customer service. We appreciate your patience during this transition.

Some of the system enhancements will include improved online services, expedited refund processing, automated accounting entries, streamlined billing and payment processing, and hardware improvements.

Please be aware that the email address for contacting the Commissioner of the Revenue’s office has changed and is now

Billing Schedule
Please be aware if you are expecting, or have received, a supplemental personal property tax bill, that due to the new software implementation there may be additional supplemental bills for other years that have not been mailed to you yet; those will likely be mailed in early 2018.

These new systems have been implemented so that we can continue to provide the best service possible to the residents and businesses of Charlottesville. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue this implementation.