On April 10, 2006, the NAACP hosted the

second candidate forum for the May 2nd City Council Elections

. Complete election coverage can be found on Charlottesville Tomorrow’s

Election Watch website


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00:54 — Introduction by Dr. Rick Turner, President of Charlottesville/Albemarle NAACP

Candidate speeches on education, affordable housing, and health care

01:44 — Dave Norris (D)

09:15 — Rob Schilling (D)

24:34 — Julian Taliaferro (R)

Question and Answer session

36:02 — 1. How would you empower teachers in the face of this litigious environment and in the face of school board pressure for SOL performance?

40:56 — 2. How would you change the city’s current spending priorities?  what major changes in spending policy would you make?

45:39 — 3. How would you improve public transit?  And when can we look forward to Sunday bus service?

50:26 — 4. How do you feel about the issue of a district or ward system for the election of City Council members?

54:13 — 5. With the newly elected School Board, what policy role should City Council play in developing school policy?

57:14 — 6. Can City Council influence action by the University of Virginia related to student housing,

increased health care for low income residents, and use of cars by students? If so, how?

1:01:57 — Concluding remarks by Dr. Rick Turner


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