Albemarle County is providing updated information to assist participants in the County’s Land Use Assessment Program in complying with the 2016 revalidation process. The 2016 process requires some additional information than has not been required in previous years. Some participants may find it difficult to provide all of the documentation by the September 1 deadline. It is important for those participants to realize that they can submit the initial application by the September 1 deadline, and then they have 90 days (until December 5) to submit the additional information required by this year’s revalidation process to avoid incurring any late fees. 

County real estate staff is anxious to work directly with concerned participants to make sure they are clear on what is required by the September 1 deadline and what additional materials need to be submitted by December 5 to comply with the regulations. Staff is available during normal business hours to answer questions and assist in completing the revalidation forms. Evening hours are available by appointment on August 19th and 26th. If you wish to speak to someone about the revalidation process, or make an evening appointment, please call the Assessor’s Office at 434-296-5856.