Hyperlocal community news in 3D

Charlottesville Tomorrow is pleased to share 3D visualizations of the
proposed Claudius Place project in Crozet, VA.

Claudius Place is a two-story 6,067 sq. ft. commercial project in downtown Crozet currently under review by Albemarle County.

    First floor is 1,967 sq. ft. featuring a State Farm Insurance office in one of the 2 suites

    Second floor is 4,100 sq. ft. intended for retail and restaurant

    Location is across the street from the site of the future Crozet Library

    The Piedmont Development Group plans to acquire the property in June 2011 from Barnes Lumber.  Ground breaking is expected by the end of 2011 with project completion by Summer 2012.

Public input opportunities :

    Albemarle Co. Architectural Review Board – Mon., June 6, 2011, 1PM

Why model this building in 3D?

A goal of our Cville3D initiative is to help our readers and decision makers see the community and proposed development projects in a whole new way. Taking the publicly available drawings, we can render a project in a three-dimensional real-world environment. Presto! You get more information to make an informed decision.

Funding for the Cville3D initiative has been provided by generous support of the Virginia Environmental Endowment and the Oakwood Foundation . The models are created by Bob Pineo, an independent local architect working under contract for Charlottesville Tomorrow. The final product is our best approximation of what this project will look like based on the material submitted to local government.

This is a prototype. Please add your comments below and tell us what we should model next.

Starting with the siteplan…

and the elevations…


then using Google Sketchup and Google Earth , we create the 3D perspective seen in this Flickr slideshow


The model can also be downloaded and manipulated in Google Earth.

Click here to access the model for download in your own copy of Google Earth to

select your own views and perspectives with real terrain – What will it look like from my backyard?


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