7/6/06 * WCAV [ full story ]

Controversy over growth in Crozet continues tonight as residents there fight to keep the area’s small town appeal.

Some Crozet residents are at odds with Albemarle County supervisors. Some county estimates have Crozet’s population jumping 800 percent in distant future and residents just don’t think their town was meant to sustain that kind of growth.

Three thousand people currently live in Crozet. The small rural town is about 4 square miles. Residents there anticipate growth; it’s just how much growth that scares them.

“Crozet under the master plan would grow by 400 percent and what the board is asking us to do with this new resolution is grow by 800 percent to a density greater than Charlottesville in an area about one half the size of Charlottesville,” said Crozet Resident Tom Loach.