On September 20, 2011, Charlottesville Tomorrow and The Daily Progress co-sponsored a city council candidate forum for six of the seven candidates (eight at that time) running for three of the five seats on Charlottesville City Council.

Local residents came to the Burley Middle School auditorium to hear the candidates respond to questions posed by the moderator, the audience, and each other.

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The candidate forum participants

    Brandon Collins (I)

    Bob Fenwick (I)

    Kathleen M. Galvin (D)

    Satyendra Huja (D)

    Dede Smith (D)

    Andrew Williams (I)

    Brian Wheeler, Moderator

Not participating

    Charlottesville City Council

    candidate forum


    Charlottesville Tomorrow





    Water plan

    As the primary approach for adding to our long term water supply, do you favor dredging and water conservation before construction of a new or taller dam at the Ragged Mountain Reservoir, YES or NO?

    Meadow Creek Parkway

    Do you support construction of the Meadow Creek Parkway in the city of Charlottesville, YES or NO?

    Ward-based elections

    Would you support switching from at-large seats to ward-based representation for elections to Charlottesville City Council, YES or NO?


    Your qualifications for City Council

    Please describe your past experience that qualifies you to be on City Council.

    Transportation / Transit

    Do you support an expanded transit system? If so, how would you raise the money to pay for additional service?

    City-County-UVA relations

    How should the city, county and the University of Virginia work together to enhance our community’s unique character and economic vitality?

    Workforce development / Jobs

    Last month the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce reported that Charlottesville lost 3,248 jobs during the years 2000 to 2010.  What specifically should city council do to promote employment?


    Do you support the city school board’s grade reconfiguration initiative?  Why or why not?

    Comprehensive plan

    Recent projections show that the city’s population will increase significantly in the next 50 years.  What changes would you advocate for in the city’s comprehensive plan to address that growth?

    Police / crime

    What is your top priority for the city police department?

    After the moderator questions, the candidates each answered one question from the audience.  Then each candidate had an opportunity to ask another candidate a question.

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