On March 12, 2007, the

Albemarle County Board of Supervisors

began a series of work sessions on the FY2008 County budget.  Charlottesville Tomorrow has selected three clips from the 4-hour meeting that focus on several issues often discussed on this blog: master plans; funding of infrastructure; land use tax breaks; and property taxes.

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00:56 — In this first clip, Supervisor David Slutzky launches a discussion about the funding of infrastructure in the County’s master plans.  That topic is discussed further in clip number three.

09:33 — In this second clip, the Board of Supervisors discusses the effectiveness of the County’s land use tax program. This program lowers the property value for purposes of real estate taxes when the land is in use for agricultural, horticultural, forestry, or open space uses. The goal of land use program is to provide an incentive to keep land undeveloped.  It does not, however, provide permanent protection for the land like a conservation easement. You will hear the Supervisors discuss whether additional protections from development should be added to the land use program.  About 59% of the County’s total acreage is currently enrolled in  the land use tax valuation program.  In 2005, it was estimated that the tax burden for rural area land owners was reduced by almost $13 million, or almost 11 cents on the real estate property tax rate at that time.

27:50 — In this third clip, each Supervisor gives their perspective on where the property tax rate should be set for the 2007-08 budget (Boyd, Dorrier, Wyant – 68 cents; Rooker – 71 cents; Thomas – 72 cents; Slutzky – 74 cents).  They return to a discussion of how to fund infrastructure and debate whether a master plan really makes any promises to the public for future investments in infrastructure.

Brian Wheeler


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