The Daily Progress and Charlottesville Tomorrow have formed a partnership to share news content.

Under the agreement, news articles written by Charlottesville Tomorrow staff members will appear in the print edition of The Daily Progress.

Charlottesville Tomorrow is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that produces news coverage of land-use, growth and transportation issues in Albemarle County and Charlottesville.

Its articles and audio podcasts are distributed primarily through the Web site, but also through e-mail and social media such as Facebook , Twitter and a new community wiki known as . Charlottesville Tomorrow also publishes local election voter guides, which are mailed to residents.

Daily Progress Managing Editor McGregor McCance said the newspaper’s readers will benefit by having more local content about these specific issues, which complements coverage provided by the paper’s reporters and editors.

“In the media business and all businesses, I think companies are looking for strong partners to help both sides get better,” he said. “After four years of reading their content, we know it’s accurate, fair and balanced.”

Charlottesville Tomorrow was founded in September 2005. It’s funded entirely by private donations and governed by a board of directors .

“The Daily Progress is really thinking creatively about how to deliver more in-depth news to its readers,” said Brian Wheeler , executive director of Charlottesville Tomorrow. “This is one of the first such media partnerships in the United States between a local daily paper and a local non-profit, both deeply committed to bearing witness to the work of our government and to delivering that reporting and analysis broadly to the public.”

The agreement does not include any payment between the newspaper and Charlottesville Tomorrow for content or promotional material.

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