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Charlottesville Tomorrow is pleased to share 3D visualizations of the
earthen dam being designed for the Ragged Mountain Reservoir.

The existing Upper and Lower Ragged Mountain Dams will be taken out of service with the construction of a new earthen dam built downstream during 2012-2013. The first phase of the earthen dam will raise the existing reservoir pool by 30 feet and an oversized foundation will support a future 12-foot increase if conditions indicate additional water supply is needed. Learn more about the community water supply plan.


A goal of our Cville3D initiative is to help our readers and decision makers see the community and proposed infrastructure projects in a whole new way. Taking the publicly available drawings, we can render a project in a three-dimensional real-world environment. Presto! You get more information to make an informed decision.

Funding for the Cville3D initiative has been provided by generous support of the Virginia Environmental Endowment and the Oakwood Foundation. The models are created by Bob Pineo, an independent local architect working under contract for Charlottesville Tomorrow. The final product is our best approximation of what this project will look like based on the material submitted to local government.

Using  Google Sketchup and Google Earth, we create the 3D perspective of the earthen dam design as seen in this Flickr slideshow

View other 3D models and learn more about the Cville3D initiative


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