David Brown , the director of communications for Edison2 and a former Charlottesville City Councilor, presented information about energy efficient automobile designs to the James River Green Building Council on Tuesday.  The Virginia-based company was founded by Charlottesville real estate developer, Oliver Kuttner , and works with suppliers to design and manufacture lightweight, aerodynamic automobiles.

Oliver Kuttner with one of Edison2’s first cars.
Photo by Sabrina Shaeffer, The Daily Progress. Used by permission.

The presentation described Edison2’s first project, the Very Light Car, which won the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize in 2010, and the features that enabled it to win.  Brown also discussed future plans to build a more commercial yet still highly efficient car.

“I think what we’re doing is the wave of the future,” said Brown.

Brown stated that the light-weight aspect of their designs does not mean the cars are more dangerous to drive.  He said that the size of the car combined with the aerodynamic shape of the structure would enable them to be safe in the event of a collision.

“Designed right a very light car can be a very safe car even on today’s highways.”

Brown also said that despite their success, Edison2 does not intend to become an automobile company.  They hope to license their technology to large manufacturers both in the US and abroad.

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